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  • Andrew Rupp

We Would Pay You Less...Preferably Nothing at All

Today, millions fight to gain not a liveable wage, no, they fight to win a mere minimal wage.

Corporations and conglomerates telling their newly-hired employees,

“We’re going to start you out at minimum wage”,

truly means,

“We would pay you lower than this…preferably nothing at all. It is only because we are legally obligated to meet this criterion so as to avoid punishment…even though we have lawyers for most of that anyway.”

Minimum wage can only suffice for one who has no dependents, rent, or debt of any type. Yet the reliably unjust social contract continues. In countries with the highest GDP’s we see decreasing life expectancies paired with increased rates of mental health and child mortality.

It isn’t lawlessness, it isn’t disorganization, and it isn’t idleness. For the woes of millions, there is nothing vague as to the cause.

Put simply: it is indifference and greed.

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